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free photo collage created with

An Example Of A Free Photo Collage Created With

While the tiled mosaic gallery function in WordPress is a great thing, users of WordPress are well aware of the limitations and lack of control over the appearance of galleries. When exact formatting of a group of images is required on a page or blog post, the easiest solution is to create a photo collage. is an online service which allows users to create free photo collages, Facebook cover pages, magazine covers, photo cards and more. Users can remain completely anonymous or they can set up an account with a valid email address to access additional templates. The interface is easy to use and offers many options for tweaking photos such as color filters, cropping, rotation, aspect ratio and text overlays.

Screenshot Examples:  How To Create A Free Photo Collage

create free photo collage with

To create a collage, click on the “Add Photos” button (upper right area of dialog) and choose photos from either your own computer or Facebook. Then click on a collage layout in the left panel in the dialog. Next, simply drag and drop the images from the right side of the dialog into the empty collage boxes.

save the collage to the computer or facebook

At this point, the collage may be saved to your computer or posted to social media sites. Or, continue tweaking the design.

rounded corners photo collage

Rounded corners are available and the aspect ratio of the collage can be modified.

photo collage image filters

Click on individual images within the collage to apply filters and other adjustments.

photo collage change background color

Click on the BKGround tab (left side of dialog) to make changes to the background — choose a color or a supplied pattern.

photo collage add text

Text can be added by clicking the “Text” tab on the left side of the dialog. Options for fonts, color, size, outline and glow are available while editing text. Text can be positioned anywhere in the collage by dragging the text box.  Tip: unselect the text first by clicking somewhere else, then hover the mouse over the text, click and hold to move it.

photo collage change image opacity

Individual image opacity can be reduced to let the background color bleed through. This technique can make text easier to read.

This article covers only a few of the extensive options available in Fotojet for creating free photo collages and other graphics with images. When the gallery functions in WordPress don’t fill the bill, create a photo collage, upload the resulting single image and avoid the frustration of formatting groups of images.